Yes. If you would like to transfer your domain name to My Hosting Bubble then you can do this any time.

Generally No, there will be no charge, however, there may be certain unusual domain names, that will require a set-up fee to transfer, but you will be made aware of this during the purchase process.

Yes. Your domain name will be automatically renewed every year unless you tell us otherwise.

Yes. You will be the legal owner of the Domain Name also known as the ‘Registrant’.

Domain registration refers to the process of registering a domain name. The person or business that registers domain name is called the domain name registrant and acts as the owner of the domain. There are however several contacts that are associated with a domain and they are as follows:

Owner or Registrar Contact – This contact, as mentioned above is the legal owner or the domain.
Administration Contact – The admin contact will usually be the same as the ‘registrant’ and means they have full control over the domain name.
Technical Contact – Usually the company or individual that is responsible for the web server on which the domain is hosted.
Billing Contact – The billing contact is the contact responsible for paying for the continued registration and renewal of the domain name.

Yes. If all you require is a domain name then you can simply purchase a domain name without any website hosting attached. You can always add this at a later date.

A domain name is simply an internet web address and is your unique online www identity. A domain name can be purchased for a number of reasons, the most common reasons are:

1) You would like to secure a domain name for your business, as a way of displaying and promoting your company website online.
2) To secure a domain that contains a name that may be copyright or trademarked.
3) To be able to set-up you own personal email addresses, for example ‘’ .

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