You will be able to see how much of your email quota you have used using our My Hosting Bubble Management Portal. This way you can upgrade to the next package up before you hit your mailbox limit.

This way you can ensure that keep on top of your emails and upgrade before your mailbox gets full and it may even prompt you to do a bit of email ‘house-keeping’ to remain under the mailbox threshold.

Yes. Once you have purchased your emails with us, you will have access to a webmail link that will allow you to gain access to your email account via an Internet browser.

Both POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message access protocol) are both protocols that allow people to gain access to their email via a remote mail server.

The main difference between them is that POP simply downloads the emails directly to the device, and usually (but not always) deletes the original from the server. This can become problematic if you have more than one device that the email needs to be sent to, for example a smart phone and a laptop or desktop.

IMAP on the other hand is the preferred method of mail protocol and allows you to store your emails on the mail server and sends a copy to each of the devices that your email account is set-up on. This two-way protocol also allows you to synchronize your email among multiple devices.

An email alias is simply a forwarding email address. There is no storage (or mailbox) associated with an email alias. Any mail sent to an alias is automatically forwarded to another email address

For example you could set-up an email alias address ‘’ and have all emails sent to that email forwarding onto ‘’.

You can simply choose the package that suits your needs from 2GB right up to 100GB mailbox size. Once you have purchased your mailbox from the My Hosting Bubble website, you can easily upgrade to the next package up as we have a logical upgrade path allowing for scalable email requirements.

The main difference between our Personal and Business email packages are the number of mailboxes you receive as well as the size that those mailboxes are. With our Business email packages you have much larger quality of mailboxes and the size of those mailboxes are much larger.

Our Personal email packages are ideal if you are just starting out or only require either a small quantity of mailboxes or a small amount of space for your emails.